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Unser Word­Press Plu­gin für den Upload für Thumbnails (Vor­schau­bil­der)! In der Ver­gan­gen­heit haben wir fest­ge­stellt, dass Word­Press keine pas­sen­den Thumbnails der hoch­ge­la­de­nen Fotos erstellt. Der Bild­aus­schnitt war durch ver­schie­dene Bild­grö­ßen oft­mals schlecht gewählt.

Die Doku­men­ta­tion des Wopd­press Plugins ist in eng­li­scher Spra­che. Gerne kann die Kom­men­tar­funk­tion für Fra­gen, Anre­gun­gen und Kri­tik genutzt wer­den. Please feel free to ask ques­ti­ons and tell us your opi­nion.

Thumbnail Upload

Con­tri­bu­tors: elschund­fink

Donate link: http://elschundfink.de/

Tags: thumbnails, replace thumbnails, custom thumbnails, default photo gal­lery, HTML5

Requi­res at least: 3.0.0

Tes­ted up to: 3.5.2

Sta­ble tag: 1.0.0

License: GPLv2 or later

License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

Thumbnail Upload is a sim­ple HTML5 drag and drop thumbnail upload plu­gin to replace the default crea­ted thumbnails with your own thumbnails


Thumbnail Upload is a sim­ple HTML5 and java­script based drag and drop image upload plu­gin. It allows to replace the thumbnails that are auto gene­ra­ted by the default image resi­zer of Word­Press. You can just drag your self-created thumbnails (size and look does not mat­ter) from your desk­top or any other loca­tion and replace the incor­rect thumbnails which are auto­ma­ti­cally gene­ra­ted.

It is the easiest and qui­ckest way to add or replace your thumbnails! You do not need any pro­gram or know­ledge to access your ser­ver.

When to use this plu­gin?

If you want your own thumbnail to be dis­played in the photo gal­le­ries instead of the default crea­ted by Word­Press. For example, if the thumbnail of your photo gal­lery does not look good or if you are not satis­fied by the Word­Press crea­ted thumbnail. Then you can create own thumbs (which can of course look dif­fe­rent from the ori­gi­nal pic­tures), upload and replace them with the ones alre­ady gene­ra­ted by the Word­Press.

How it works?

You can drag and drop the thumbnails that you want to replace using the sim­ple inter­face pro­vi­ded by the plu­gin. Two things you must take care while uploading the images is the size of the image and also the name of the image.

1) The actual size of the image you crea­ted and the size you spe­ci­fied in the plu­gin must be the same.
2) The file­name of the image must be the same as the ori­gi­nal full­size image that you uploa­ded in the media gal­lery.


Since this plu­gin works by repla­ce­ment / adding of images, this means the ori­gi­nal full­size image must be avail­able on the ser­ver and the file­name that you are about to upload also must be same as the ori­gi­nal image.

For Example:

If you have an image ‚myfile.jpg‘ to upload to the gal­lery. First you upload it to your media gal­lery and see if the default thumbnail is cor­rect or not.
If it is not cor­rect you can create your own thumbnail (size and look does not mat­ter) of ‚myfile.jpg‘ and rename it as ‚myfile.jpg‘ and upload the thumb by dragging it on the drag zone of the plu­gin. Also do not for­get to enter the actual size (hight and width) of the thumbnail on the two input fields. This size must be exactly the same to the size of the thumbnail you want to replace to add.


You can down­load and install Thumbnail Upload Plu­gin using the built in Word­Press plu­gin instal­ler. If you down­load Thumbnail Upload manu­ally, make sure it is uploa­ded to „/wp-content/plugins/upload_thumb/“.

Activate Thumbnail Upload in the „Plugins“ admin panel using the „Activate“ link. All done.


1. An example of how the the plu­gin looks like:


2. An example of how it looks when the uploads are suc­cess­ful:


3. An example of how it looks when the uploads are fai­led:



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